Sunday, December 23, 2012

Last Minute Week

Okay, this week is going to be interesting as we wind down from the holidays, 

clean out some bulk from our stack of blogs

and prepare for the New Year.

As you should know by now, our weekly schedule does not change, except for the themes of the week. For those of you who have not been around long, Monday is hair, Tuesday is makeup, Wednesday is nails, Thursday is body, Friday is fashion and Saturday is great steals.

Hope and I write blogs for each of the days. Lainey is our part-time blogger and I place her blogs in our schedule when we have a spot open, as well as our one-time guest posts from various bloggers.

We would love to have more part-time bloggers on our team as we continue to grow. In the future, we would love to have full-time and part-time bloggers (we will have more information on those as the team continues to grow).

Back to this week's theme:

Last Minute Week

Each day, you will see multiple blogs posted. A new one will post every half hour between 12 AM and 3 AM. Some days have one blog, while others have up to five. This Saturday, we will be trying something new!

So be sure to check back every day to read each blog and of course, look at the pictures! Haha.

See you next time,


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  1. cool idea, cant wait to read them ! :)


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