Saturday, December 01, 2012

Dress Code Week

I created this week, because many of you have a special event coming up.  One, of which, you'll have to either get very dressed up for, like prom or even just cleaned up, like going to church on Easter Sunday.  Whichever it is, you will be presentable.

If you currently have a job, many of you might have already been invited to a banquet

or an office party

and you are not sure on the DO's and DON'Ts.

Don't worry.  We've got you covered!  You will not only be appropriately dressed, but you will also look amazingly beautiful, and, of course, fashionable!

Now, take out a notepad and set it next to your computer for the week and TAKE NOTES!

We highly recommend that if you are trying to impress your bosses or even CEO's of the companies you work for, that you take notes and make them believe you stay on top of even the proper way to dress. Trust us, it will get you noticed...the right way!

Stayed Tuned for the Office Christmas Party Event posting in 30 minutes!


Happy Shopping!

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