Tuesday, December 25, 2012

DIY Bronzer

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the cool, crisp air, the trendy sweaters, the seasonal baked goods, and the anticipation of Halloween costumes and parties.

The only way to maintain that healthy, warm-weather glow is to hit the tanning salon or invest in expensive, high-end bronzers, right? Just head to your kitchen!

What You'll Need:

Cocoa or Cinnamon Powder

Powdered Sugar or Baby Powder

A old mineral makeup sifter jar or an old compact

Mix the ingredients together until you've reached your desired shade for bronzing. Add more cocoa or cinnamon powder to darken, or add more sugar or baby powder to lighten. If you're naturally fair-skinned, I suggest adding more cocoa or cinnamon powder sparingly, a little at a time. I mean, unless you want to achieve this look:

Pour the mixture into the sifter jar or compact, apply using a blush brush, and voila - you have the look of sun-kissed skin!

Now you can easily maintain you summery, bronzed glow throughout the fall and winter. Bring on sweater weather, bonfires, and hot chocolate!

See you next time,


Happy Shopping!

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