Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Crayola Nail Polish

Crayola is at it again!

Why stop with a coloring book? They now have Crayola beauty products for kids.

Crayola has launched two different packages of nail polish.

One is a vintage Crayola box,
something that you would automatically think is crayons,
is in fact, nail polish.

This makes me crave the actual smell of crayons (yes, I love that smell).

Playful kids and adults can depend on a box of Crayola colored vintage enamel of orange, light pink, hot pink, teal, yellow, blue, red and purple nail polishes.

Purchasing nail polish online is a great money saver, but I'm not that patient, because I wanted to try the products right as soon as I click the check out button on a website.  This set sells on FredFlare for a much higher price than what I would have thought (see above), but it is impossible to find for cheaper anywhere else (I've looked).  I broke down the cost and they are roughly $1.50 each, which if you compare them to Essie (their bottles are $8 each and same size as these) nail polish, this is a steal.

The packaging is adorable, brings back first day of school memories.  The eight bottles come in a plastic tray that slots into a box designed like a classic Crayola crayon box. Too cute.

You will need a top coat for this set.


The other set is a scented nail polish set.

This packaging as you can see from the picture above,
doesn't have a cute Crayola crayon box as the other set.

Even though this set may have limited color selection,
these colors are scented and brighter.

Orange scented nail polish...really smells like oranges! Yum!

You won't need a top coat for this set. Why? Because if you do, you'll mask the scent.

See you next time,


Happy Shopping!

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