Saturday, December 01, 2012


While I purchased this a while ago,
I finally decided to write a blog about it....about time, right?

Sugar Cookies: No shimmer pink gloss with a purple hint to it. It's duo chromatic.

Texture: Juicy, sticky and smooth.

Fragrance: Smell lingers for about an hour. Sugar cookies has a mild bubble gum kind of smell, but also smells just like fresh baked sugar cookies.

Flavor: Sweet taste.

Sugar cookies has a juicy, wet shine and last for 3-4 hours easily, surviving light snacks. It has amazing moisture, while giving your lips a hint of color.

I would recommend this if you are on the look out of moisturizing glosses for a cheap price, love flavored glosses and want to get your hands on some simple gifts for your friends. If you don't like sticky glosses, flavored or fragrant on your lips, then I wouldn't recommend this product for you.

They are cheap and cheerful glosses and I am glad I bought it.

BonBons is a brand from Bari Cosmetics.

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Happy Shopping!

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