Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Black Tie Event

It is generally accepted that "Black Tie" requires formal attire. Take advantage of this opportunity to truly look and feel your very best in a tuxedo. Today, black tie means formal attire, not specifically to wear a black tie. The difference between a tuxedo and a suit is that a tuxedo has satin trimmings on them, and suits do not.


Black tie is a dress code for evening events and social functions derived from Anglo-American costume conventions of the 19th Century. Worn only for events after 6 p.m., black tie is less formal than white tie, but more formal than informal or business dress.

For Men: Black tie means a suit of black or midnight blue wool, in which the jacket lapels and trousers braid are of silk or other contrasting material, a white dress shirt, a black bow tie (duh!), an evening waistcoat or cummerbund, and black dress shoes.

For Ladies: Black tie has varied greatly through the years; traditionally it was dinner (ankle) or tea (below mid-calf) length sleeveless dress, often accompanied by a wrap or stole, gloves, and evening shoes. Today, however, is cocktail (knee) length dresses are considered equally appropriate in most places.

Kate Middleton

Ladies, do not forget that you have to have elegant hair...we found a few ideas for you.

GQ Magazine, however, has a new set of rules for Black Tie etiquette. Alfred Dunhill, an established English retailer of men's luxury goods and apparel was previously mentioned in GQ, a magazine that's best known for slavishly promoting the latest fashion fads. A few of his preferences include the endorsement of the formal silk scarf worn indoors (a very English affectation), the preference for silk pocket squares over linen, and the rejection of the white dinner jacket. Dunhill's incentive for executing Black Tie properly: "When everyone looks the same, you can always notice when someone has done it properly and when someone hasn't".

Bond. James Bond.

Black Tie Preferred, Black Tie Optional or Black Tie Invited Event

If your invitation states, "Black Tie Preferred", "Black Tie Optional" or "Black Tie Invited", a traditional tuxedo is the preferred choice of attire for the gentleman. If you chose not to wear a tuxedo, you may wear a dark suit, white dress shirt and conservative tie, which is the next step down from "Black Tie Preferred". Anything less formal than this would be unacceptable at these events!

Misc. pictures that will go appropriately with this event:

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