Wednesday, November 07, 2012

What Nail Polish Color Are You? Pt 1

If you were a color of nail polish, what color would you be?

Why does it seem that everyone else thinks we only wear pinks and reds?
Or super pale colors of pinks, reds and nudes?

I was wondering the other day while in the nail salon, if everyone went by what fashion gurus say on nail polish, everyone would be wearing polish that goes with their skin tone. Well, we know everyone goes to the 'beat of their own drum'. Fashion gurus leave an entire range of super trendy nail polish colors out. The NON-boring ones!

These so called "Fashion Gurus" base the nail polish color that you should be wearing on your skin tone, what you wear in general, what you do for a living or what you are wearing it for. Now, I only agree with part of that. Say if you were going to a black tie event, wearing green nail polish, which really isn't the answer unless it goes with your evening gown.

Now, who came up with the rule that you only wear dark nail polish during the winter time, pale colors in spring and bright in summertime? What happens if you wanted to wear dark nail polish all year round? Does that mean you committing a fashion nightmare?

The so-called "Fashion Police" say you should be wearing the following:

Nail Polishes based on your skin tone. Pale shades of nail polish?

Fair Skin Tone: Try cool, blue-based pale pinks and light berries. Stay away from lavender and yellow-based shades.

Medium to Olive Skin Tone: Try white-pinks and gold-flecked sheers. Avoid anything with a bluish undertone.

Dark Skin Tone: Try bright pinks or beige - and yellow-toned sheers. Avoid any color that looks chalky against your skin.

Love wearing Dark nail polishes? (Great anytime of the year!)

Fair Skin Tone: Try cool deep berries, blood red and plums. Avoid browns and bright purples.

Medium Skin Tone: Try rusty browns, orange-based reds and deep maroons. You really need to stay away from berries.

Dark Skin Tone: Try rich browns, creams and deep plums. Avoid no colors, because everything looks awesome against your skin tone!

Okay, what about shades of green? Glitters? Browns? Purples with glitter?

Question Time:
1. Do you buy nail polishes because of the name?
2. Do you buy nail polishes because of the brand?
3. Do you wear colors that are very out going because of your personality is very out going?
4. Are there colors you just won't wear even if you were following those so-called rules by the Fashion Police?

Please leave a comment on your thoughts about this, we're very curious!

Make sure you read Part 2, which comes out November 28th!

See you next time,


Happy Shopping!

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