Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What Nail Polish Color Are You? Part 2

If you haven't read Part 1, I suggest that you do, as this is a continuum to that.

Now, that you know what colors the fashion gurus say is appropriate for your skin tone, we're going to discuss what each color means.

Red is the ultimate statement in glamour - as it has been for generations. It's the most seductive of all colors. This is a person who's tried the other colors, and knows what's sexy for her.

Blue polish means your'e fearless. Forget any tranquil blues that might pop to mind - this season's take on the color is electric. It's in a class by itself. It's very charged, it's attention-getting and very hot - the hottest flames burn blue. A person who would choose this color wants to be unique and different. It's fun and experimental.

Burgundy polish means you're sophisticated. Deep and dark, like the wine for which it's named, this color packs the powerful combination of classic red and trendy purple. Burgundy is an elegant shade of red; one of the most elegant colors you can think of, someone who thinks of themselves as sophisticated leans towards this color. It's very haute couture.

"Bling" nails means you're vivacious. There's so much experimentation with technology in every substratum you can imagine, and it's reflected in nails. These oversize bling bombs can go on every finger, or your can disguise your wild side and just paint one finger on each hand for a surprise contrast with your natural nails.

Duel-Chrome polish means you're a visionary. This futuristic two-tone look won't help you tap out messages on your smartphones any faster, but it does indicate a person who's very engaged with technology. Your manicure suggests that you're likely to keep ahead of those curves.

Gunmetal polish - you're unconventional. These very dark shades of grey read almost black int the bottle, but on your nail, they hold their own as part of your look. It's the ultimate in sophistication and high fashion, in order to make a statement.

Gold polish means you're intriguing. Metallic's now have the most attained classic status, but it doesn't stay still, it keeps your eye moving.

Neutral polish means you're dependable. Neutral colors, unsurprisingly, are the most unchanging, but this season's take on nude is a gray-toned beige that's neutral and flattering on many skin tones. Someone that would choose that color likes the idea of something dependable, always there.
Green means you're dynamic. Green is very complementary with lots of other colors (think flowers and their stems). While it doesn't shout like a brighter shade, it's a strong color and has a lot of power.

Orange polish means you're carefree. This trendy color will last through Fall. It's high-visibility and playful, but it cane also be very exotic, recalling the tropics with certain shades.

Muted pink means you're ladylike. This season's pinks are ready to grow up, but still stay sweet. These mauve-y pinks are more mature; they have a lot of gray undertone. This gives them an almost vintage feeling.

Yellow says you're an optimist. If you use it on your nails it's a real statement. It's very extroverted and happy.

Purple means you're creative. Purple and it's variations are generally thought of as the most creative of all colors - it's complex, a combination of blue and red. D-uh! Most blues are tranquil and most reds are very dynamic, and when you put those together you have conflicting forces, a unique tension. Usually creative people are very drawn to purple, they love the unique energy of it - they don't just want something simple.

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