Sunday, November 25, 2012

Secret Identities

There are many beauty supplies that have secret identities, some of which you may have heard of and some not. Such as your hair straightener, your lipstick, and baby powder, just to name a few.

As many of us have at least one hair straightener, I wonder how many of you don't know what it's secret identity is...CURLING IRON. For a "how to", just follow KelliLynn Marie's instructions.

Every girl, since the age of 5, sometimes even younger, have owned their very own lipstick. As it is the perfect accent for any occasion, a light shade such as coral looks sweet for the daytime, while a blood red can send an evening outfit into va-va-voom territory. Lipstick can also act as a double "agent", such as acting as a blush. Interested in seeing how this works, check out this YouTube video.

Something that you use every day, you may not have known it has a secret identity as well...your TOOTHBRUSH. How? Easy. Read this article. Your tooth brush isn't the only thing that can give you kissable lips.

This can change the color of your eyes if you use it properly...EYE SHADOW. Yes, indeed...Eye shadow has a secret. Eye shadow can be your new highlighter. Check out how Angela does it.

CONCEALER...I'm sure everyone already knows about this, if you didn't, now you do. Such a simple use and yet, it can save you money down the road. Instead of buying expensive, primer, you can use your own concealer. Check out Beautylish's point of view on the topic.

What's white and soft and smells so good? Baby Powder. This product is very versatile - it can remove odor in shoes, absorb excess moisture in your sheets, and helps prevent diaper rash in our little ones - but did you know the there are TWO beauty secrets about baby powder? It can take the place of shampoo. It acts the same as dry shampoo. And, the other secret, it can set your makeup. Please be careful to not inhale the powder, as it can be harmful. 

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