Friday, November 16, 2012

Power Dress

Dress like a lady? Dress the part! You don't have to wear a suit or dress, but a lady always wears clean, coordinated clothing - free of wrinkles.

No sweat pants! All clothes should fit properly - not too baggy, not too tight. Always wear underwear and a bra. Yes, we all know that those who don't wear under garments aren't ladies.

Confidence is a good tip when being ladylike. Stand up tall, and show the world you are beautiful and that nothing will bring you down!

Hygiene and grooming are important. Shower regularly, apply makeup and perfume in moderation.

Act like a lady, act like a boss.

When you walk into a room of potential investors, what you do wish to communicate without saying a word? Don't ever be fooled; there is a powerful connection between how true leaders are perceived and the way they are dressed. On the battlefield to success, make sure you're armed with an effective 'closet game', and learn how to use it.

Do you have an edge? Maybe you can rock it out like Rihanna. Or are you more of a classic beauty like Halle Berry?

Power Dressing Tips:

  • Dressing for your audience; invest in the right garments for all occasions, from power business suits in the boardroom, to more casual yet sophisticated dresses for the long list of social engagements you'll be attending.
  • Know power can be pretty. Spice up your dresses with accessories, step out with bold patterns and bright splashes of color. Don't be afraid to show off your curves, in a smart and tasteful way.
  • Master all the moving parts. Your clothes need to be a part of you. Let your wardrobe be the splash of paint on the canvas of your body. Choose colors that flatter your skin tone, and styles that complement your strengths and camouflage your weaknesses.
  • Remember knowledge is power. Observe how your bosses dress. You can only break the rules if you know them.
  • Let your style distinguish you. The image you present to the world can separate you from the others. Look to stand out by being brave and different.
  • Focus on mind, body and soul. Pamper your body by eating healthy, exercising often, and staying impeccably well groomed. Get massages often to work out the stress that builds up from sitting at the top seat. Feed your soul with substance. Yoga and meditation can help you stay grounded.
  • Allow your clothes to make a statement that screams "chief" and "chic" each and every time.

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Happy Shopping!

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