Friday, November 02, 2012

Olive Oil Hair Treatment

Olive oil isn't just for cooking - it's great for hair too! It's been proven to give hair a healthy shine, help to repair split ends, and reduce frizz.

To give your hair a conditioning treatment, massage about 2 tablespoons of olive oil into your scalp and hair. The amount varies depending on the length and thickness of your hair. If you have longer and/or thicker hair, obviously use a little more. Remember to massage it in well - the massaging not only feels great, but it is also important to the treatment, as massaging helps give you a healthy scalp.

Next, take a warm, damp towel and wrap it around your head and treated hair. Leave it on for about 30-45 minutes. This allows the olive oil to work into your hair for a full effect.

Finally, rinse out the olive oil with shampoo. This might take a few shampoos. Give your hair further rest by allowing it to dry naturally. Then say hello to your luscious locks!

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  1. Great tips! I think hair is so important I can honestly say that if I could choose between having no makeup but beautiful hair or makeup but bad hair I’d go for no makeup. In fact I think the hair can tell a lot about a person too, not only if the hair is greasy or clean, but the styling and, the haircut and the color.


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