Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bewitched Limeade

As spring time as the title sounds, these colors are definitely nowhere near spring time. They are the colors that come to mind when we think of Christmas time. That's right, red and green or green and red.

Ulta has done it again. Bewitched is a lip crayon

and Limeade is an eye crayon.

Both are Ulta brand. Both are pretty creamy, nicely pigmented, and buildable. They are much like the NYX jumbo eye pencils. The eye crayon makes for a good eye shadow base.

Limeade comes with a smudger that is similar to a sponge tip applicator, but with a narrow tip to help smudge and smoke.

Granted these are $8 a piece, but well worth it. I kept it simple for the pictures, just to show the color. Obviously, anything with a yellow undertone is not for me. Bewitched, well, I already have plenty of that same color. I do, however, like the name!

These will be available under our Blog Sale tab at the top of the page.

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