Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Autumn Kiss

Electric Red

Wearing an electric red is more of an attitude than anything else. Anyone can wear this shade should they have the confidence and courage to pull it off with style. It's best paired with a minimal look (thin black eyeliner and a healthy coat of mascara). Electric red can be altered with texture to bump it up or tone it down.

Glossy lips are taking center stage, now it's matte pink's turn! It's hip and conjures a sense of rebellion and electricity of spirit. This wild shade screams attention, fun, and youth. It's a favorite paired with minimal makeup or a simple neon eyeliner. All skin tones can wear this color, it's just about committing with confidence.

Nude lipsticks can be tricky for any skin tone and ethnicity around the globe. Find a shade with more caramel and honey tones within it. For a woman venturing back into the realm of nudes, try glosses to maximize this trend.

There is no other beauty statement in the world more classic than a woman in red lipstick. Every woman can wear it. Start with a red that has more brick or brown tones. And pairing a classic red with a simple cat eye is always a beauty favorite, but for more formal affairs, such as black tie events, opting for a strong eye and strong lip can mean a fashion home run.

A purple or deepened plum color always conjures a bit of mood, mystery, and exoticism. This shade screams opulence, intrigue, and confidence. It's particularly beautiful on medium and deeper skin tones. A favorite for nighttime allure, pairing this shade with emerald greens, midnight blues, and frosted burgundies on the eyes (in a smoky fashion) will always round out the look.

Orange lipsticks actually make teeth look whiter, compared to a cherry red, which will contrast and amplify the eggshell tones in a smile. On a golden-warm shade of skin, this color will sink back into the backdrop and on a pinky-cool skin tone, oranges will float forward.

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