Sunday, October 21, 2012

The 7 Deadly Sins

Hello Everyone,

This week we are so excited about! Today, we're going to have two blogs (keep reading, we'll explain), we just had so much information built up for this week that we wanted to share with you before Halloween.

First off, this week is going to feed into next week, just in time for Halloween. I don't know about you, but I love Halloween. That being said, this week's theme is the Seven Deadly Sins!!!

Second, instead of our usual routine of each day being about a specific topic, such as Monday is hair, Tuesday is face, Wednesday is nails, Thursday is body, Friday is Fashion and Saturday  is great steals, while obviously Sunday is introducing the themed week. Every day is going to have a little bit of each topic, or at least, what we came up with.

Third, every day i a different SIN, each having their own specific color (which will be explained in each blog). This may even give you an idea for what you want to be for Halloween or it may even change your outfit completely. That is totally up to you!

This week has really inspired us to do something different, like coming out of the casket (getting into the Halloween Spirit) if we may.

We will also be introducing you to a Guest Blogger, Sonia. While her guest post wasn't originally written for this week's theme, it fit perfectly. Some days, such as the same day as Sonia's Guest Post, will have more than one blog, because the amount of information we have.

Just a little information about some of the models before we start Sinning! The "Dive In" Season of the popular show "American's Next Top Model" cycle four that aired Spring 2005, their photo shoot was in a cemetery, where the models portrayed the 7 deadly sins while posing in a casket at the bottom of an eight foot grave. We will be using those 7 photos throughout our blogs.

We hope you enjoy this exciting, yet creative week we have in store for you!

Have a great week!


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