Monday, October 29, 2012

Spooky Tips

What long fingernails you have grandmother...well, not exactly.

We found some creative, out of this world Halloween nail designs for you to check out or help provide that little POP to your costume!

We've found the Classic Halloween Colors:

and now, with some design to them!

Next, Spiders and their Webs:

Break out the GORE:

Vampire Bite Nails

Dripping Blood and Blood Splatter Nails

Candy Themed Nails:

Candy Corn and Nerds

Sprinkles and M&M's

Candy Dots

Candy Mix

Character and Misc. Nail Designs:

Eyeballs and Frankenstein

Google Eyes and Hello Kitty

Nightmare Before Christmas and Skulls

Black Cat and Frankenstein's Bride

Mummies and Scars

See you next time,


Happy Halloween!

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