Saturday, October 06, 2012

Price Tag?

I have heard CHI is hands down the best flat iron around,
but I have never purchased one before.

I personally don't go over $40 when it comes to hair styling products,
but this works just as good as my salon stylist's CHI.

CHI's can run up to $200 (I've seen at the most) and the Remington was only $25.

Is a price tag a determining factor for you?
It is for me.

What was the price tag of the last styling device you purchased?

Would you have bought a fancier one if you could afford it? Probably.

Do you think the less expensive devices work just fine?
I was certainly surprised at how well the Remington works for me.

What works better - pricey brand name products or cheap unknown products?
Is the performance the same?

Are you a brand whore?
(Yep, I went there, because I am with some stuff.)

We want to hear about your experiences.

See you next time,


Happy Shopping!

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