Friday, October 05, 2012

Mo Fashion Mo Problems

Very few people can afford to shop til they drop (paging the Kardashian Clan),

and the truth is,
the celebrities you may feel so envious of,
rarely shell out much of their own cash for the fantastic looks they are sporting:

they borrow red carpet dresses

and are gifted bags,


and shoes by designers eager for publicity.

Rather than comparing your own wardrobe to celebrities and their freebies,
take inspiration from the tips of the fashionista teens who wisely point out
that there are multiple clever ways to indulge your passion for fashion
without going broke - and your own creativity is key.

In the end, these girls know,
no matter your budget, money can't buy you style!

Words to live by.

Is your parents income affecting your friendships?
If it is, you need new friends.

How much cash your parents have can often have a huge effect on your:
allowance (if you get one), popularity, and, more importantly,
who your best friends are.

Gossiping about who's broke and who has "Bank"
can be a favorite topic of conversation among teenage girls,
many of whom say that items like

and shoes are important status symbols (Just wait until you graduate).

Being in a different income bracket from your friends can be tough. It's typical for jealousy to arise between pals with different-size bank accounts, whether it's their parents or their own. It is okay to feel envy when you see someone else that has something that you want. Instead of always spending money, why not find a common ground with your best friends. Something that doesn't require money (which is hard to do sometimes) or something that doesn't require more than $20, such as going to the beach, bicycling, or taking walks.

For most teenagers, a lack of funds is the more common issue -
and your family's cash flow,
they point out,
often affects your social standing and who your friends are.

We envy the popular girls (or used to),

the girls most likely to be prom queen (yes, back to those labels) have the right clothes,

the coolest phones,

and the bag of the moment.

You can't out a price tag on the wardrobe of the young men who truly express themselves through fashion in very creative ways - maybe a mix of vintage finds, stylish bargains from Target, and a little something special that they saved up their money (from their part-time job) to buy.

That is true hard earned style.

See you next time,


Happy Shopping!

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