Monday, October 01, 2012

Hair Dye Error

Let me first explain a few things first so there is no confusion later.

I used hair dye, almost every color all throughout high school. Never had an issue with any brands until I turned 20. I'm seriously the poster child for why you SHOULD test the dye before using it.

Type in Google or click here: Hair Dye Allergic Reactions and view the different reactions people have had.

All of my friends, even my mother, warned me over and over again about continuing to use hair dye after the first reaction I had, and every time I don't listen and end up with large hives all over my scalp again. And there is no lack of people standing by to say "I told you so!".

I should have stopped after the first go. I even said I wasn't going to ever dye my hair again. Ha, that only lasted two months, if that, before I was itching from some color again.

Just as I was considering about dying my hair again and ignoring the hives, I found this article.

I never knew you could be allergic to hair dye until it happened to me and like I said in the beginning, I dyed my hair all through high school without issues. I have tried every brand out there, because I wanted to know if it was from the brand or dye in general.

My reactions usually wouldn't show until the next morning after waking up. I would have to take cold showers multiple times a day to make the itching stop.

So, I found a trick around it (of course). Don't let the dye touch my scalp, easier said than done. I have to have someone I trust, completely, to not let the dye touch my scalp just so I can dye my hair.

Oh yeah, I'm allergic to henna too!  Like blister hive in the shape of whatever henna design I get. Not fun!

Please be careful! I thought I was the only one with this condition, until I found another blogger with the same issue. Molly from A Midwestern Touch !!!!

Meredith Crawley

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