Thursday, October 18, 2012


It's easy to forget that many of the active ingredients in acne treatments, peels, and other skin-care products are surprisingly fragile. It's only a matter of time until oxygen and heat render them useless.

Hydroquinone Creams
Toss After:
They turn brown (around two or three months after opening).
You'll get another month if they come in an airtight pump
and are kept in the refrigerator.


Swipe-On Pads (Glycolic Peels, Acne Treatments)

 Toss After:
Two months, when they'll start drying out.
If they're packaged individually,
they'll last three months.


Peels and Masks

Toss After:
Three months.
At that point, their buffering agents can start to evaporate,
making ingredients more potent (and irritating).


Acne Products

Toss After:
Four to six months.
Store them in the refrigerator for maximum potency.


Retinoid Creams

Toss After:
Nine to 11 months,
when their collagen-producing power starts to conk out.



Toss After:
One to two years.
It varies, so check the expiration date on your tube.


Moisturizing Creams

Toss After:
One year.
A lotion without anti-aging ingredients will last longer,
but you can contaminate it by repeatedly dipping your finger into the jar.


Grainy Scrubs

Toss After:
 Two years,
at which point they become a breeding ground for bacteria.

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