Thursday, September 06, 2012

What's Your Skin Been Eating?

Well, honestly, only you can answer that one. Whatever you put in your mouth,
eventually makes it to your face. Remember, you are fueling your body. Whether it's McDonald's or Subway.

So, here is some helpful information on how you can beat acne.

Zapping Those Zits!
The most common skin woe among teens and even adults, acne can unfortunately be a chronic condition.  It's caued by hormones, inflammation, overactive oil glands and plugged pores.  Treat your breakouts by washing your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser.  Scrubbing with harsh products will just irritate the bumps and make them look worse.

What's even worse, is that there is even websites such as "Pop That Zit" that is totally dedicated to popping zits. Eww gross, right?!

Shine Away!
Although having oily skin can be annoying, it isn't all bad. We regularly produce Vitamin E, which acts as a protective barrier for our glands. Oily skin just happens to have more of it.  If you're worried that your face will shine like a disco ball, fear not! Washing with an oil-control face cleanser and using astringent pads throughout the day can keep shine under control.

Get Your Glow On!
An illuminator brings a glow to your face. Apply it to the tops of your cheekbones and to the inner corners of the eyes. It will make your complexion look light and fresh. If your skin needs an extra bit of coverage, use concealer sparingly to cover any dark circles or blemishes, and then finish with a highlighter.

(Totally worth is to look like her!)

Control Puffiness!
Under-eye bags are a bummer and can be hard to banish.  Your genetics are to blame unfortunately.

Aggressive treatments can backfire, exfoliating under the eyes can irritate the skin and cause pigmentation.  Still, there are some tricks that can help.  Treat your allergies, because irritated eyes often become swollen.  Also, eating less salt can help with puffiness (salt makes you retain water).

Not your cup of tea...then check out another one of our blogs...DePUFF Eyes.

Take Cover!
Before hiding a spot, lightly spritz water onto your skin.  Water adds moisture without adding oil and will soothe the pimple.  Always use a matte concealer, a shimmery finish will spotlight imperfections. To deal with under-eye circles, try this two step approach. 1. Apply a color-corrective concealer on the darkest area. 2. Use a skin toned concealer on top.

Body Rockin!
To fight acne on the body, treat it like acne on your face.  Use your facial products on acne-prone body parts, like the chest, neck, and back.

A little information never hurt anyone.

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