Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Summers Edge

Summers Edge Nails


L.A. Colors - Color Crazy Nail Polish with hardeners
Nuclear Energy - NP417, $1.50

Super Shine Naturistics
MoonBeam Pearl - 114U-08, $3

So Sexy Stripe Rite
Black, $2.99

1. Apply Nuclear Energy (purple) to the tips of your nails.
Don't worry about being neat, we'll fit that.

2. Use a paint brush (small) and dip it into nail polish remover.
Carefully straighten out the purple.

3. Apply MoonBean Pearl to the top section of your nails.
Apply carefully so that they only touch, not mix.

4. Once both colors are dry on your nails,
carefully use the black design nail polish to make a straight line
in between MoonBeam Pearl and Nuclear Energy.

5. Apply a top coat to seal.

An edgy look perfect for summer,
but also perfect for heading into autumn!

See you next time,

Hope Jennings

Happy Shopping!


  1. I like your blog, would you like to be a guest blogger for Stylista??

    1. Absolutely! I'll contact you for more information. Thanks!


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