Sunday, September 16, 2012

At Summers End

At Summers End

This is the time we thank for all that has happened to us
and the moments we got to share during the summer.

As we say goodbye to Summer, 

we are welcoming Autumn with its collection of colours.

Some old fashions will be brought back
and we will be welcoming new fall fashions.

As this is the last week of summer,
we have a colorful week for you.

Finishing up on those tans,
creating the latest summer facial masks, 
and preparing for the Autumn fashions that are awaiting us just around the corner.

As it may be time to put away tank tops and shorts for most,
we get to break out the heavy coats and boots (or heels) we've been dying to wear since last year.

Summer will come again soon,
but in the mean time,
stay stylish ladies!

See you next time,

Meredith Crawley

Happy Shopping and Welcome to Autumn (Fall)!

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