Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tanning Part 2

Prolong Your Summer Tan

Just return from an absolutely amazing vacation?
Lay out by the pool/beach?

A tan makes everything look and feel better.

Here are our tricks for making a tan last long into the Winter season:

1. Moisturizer!
 Make sure you keep your skin moisturized.
Most people loose their tan when they begin to peel.

2. If you are tan, stay away from aloe vera (heals burns)
and exfoliants (scrubs tan off).

If you are burned (looking more RED than tan) be sure to use aloe vera.

(Natural aloe plant works better,
but any aloe that you can get your hands on will work.)

Getting it on the sooner, the better!

3. Use a buildable color lotion
to maintain the glow.

4. When washing your face and body, use a light milky cleanser
for the skin and 
It's gentle and soap-free.

5. Pat or air dry, don't rub dry after bath or shower.

6. Use an oil to lock in moisture directly after bath or shower.
all natural, all hydration.

7. Try not to shave!
Shaving removes the skin which in turn removes the tan.
(I know you'll have to, otherwise we'll be hairy like guys,
but try to cut down on shaving.)

(This is NOT the kind of tan we are aiming for ladies!)

You have a different way of keeping your summer tan?
Let us know! Leave a comment below!

See you next time,

Hope Jennings

Happy Shopping!

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