Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tanning Part 1


Tanning Beds vs. Natural Sunlight

For many people, myself included, tanning is lounging around the pool with some friends. For some, getting a tan is a beauty accessory, and for others, it just happens because they either work or spend time with their family outside (which is rare these days).

A tan is actually a skin burn.  Injuring the condition of your skin and your skin then produces more melatonin to protect itself.

I believe there are three major factors everyone thinks about when deciding they want a natural suntan or just to go to the local tanning bed.

Safety: Most facilities make sure their tanning beds are well maintained and cleaned properly for each customer.  But, still be careful because some still only want that *cha-ching*, while you may catch something from their facility (eww).

Tanning beds use more UVA rays than UVB rays, the difference is that they are milder, the wavelengths are longer, and they penetrate deeper through the skin layers.  Unfortunately, they also contribute to your skin wrinkling and the development of skin cancer.

Convenience: If your goal is to get a golden glow, then a tanning bed may be the best option.  Many fitness centers offer tanning with memberships and may be open well after dark (sometimes even 24 hours).

Cost: Tanning beds may be private, and more convenient, but they can easily become costly, depending on how often you go.
If cost is a factor, grab a beach chair and pick a spot in your backyard or grab some girlfriends and head to the beach or lake.


According to the American Cancer Society, tanning beds are equally dangerous when compared to natural sunlight.

Personally, I have tried going to a tanning bed twice, but I seem to like the great outdoors more.  Natural sunlight is perfect for me!

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