Monday, August 20, 2012

Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil: The Hype is at it again!

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Yep, Moroccan Oil has been hitting salon shelves since 2010 (and probably long before that).

Well, about six months ago, I finally caved and took my friends advice to try Moroccan Oil.
The Verdict = it smells great and it does wonders for my hair
I'm sooooo pleased!

Well, since I have used the product myself, the product has been back on the hype (by me anyway). Being sold out everywhere I look - just WOW!

I used to constantly use Paul Mitchell Smoothing - Straight Works combined with a tiny amount of Paul Mitchell Smoothing - Super Skinny Serum (which smells like green candy apple - yum) before styling my hair (which right now I'll make note to write a blog on those two products).

Paul Mitchell products are and will always be one of my favorite hair styling brands, but move comes Moroccan Oil again!

The logo above is the Moroccan Oil brand (obviously), with the signature blue packaging is the most common and widespread oil being sold (the one that doesn't last on the salon shelves for long).

Moroccan Oil, $40

It's featured in tons of magazines I've seen because of its healing capabilities and transforming your hair to have a smooth and silky appearance.

What makes this oil so popular is that it is suitable for almost every hairstyle, including wigs and extensions.  The ingredients are so light weight that they don't weigh your hair down and leaves it smelling amazing (like I mentioned above).

Just apply a few drops after the shower and your hair is singing **Bow chicka wow wow** haha. Applying a protective coat over your hair with just a few drops will shield it from environmental influences.

Whether my hair is damp or dry, I add some oil.

Whether I let my hair dry naturally after doing a light amount of towel dry (so water isn't still running down my back), straighten with a flatiron or add some waves using a curling iron, my hair is always shiny, silky smooth, and very manageable.

The great smell I was talking about...fresh and clean with a hint of spicy muskiness that makes it smell a bit like men's cologne. (Who could argue?)

It might be a little bit more expensive then normal hair serum's you'll find on grocery store shelves, but you'll only need about a nickel size amount in the palm of your hand each time you style your hair.  Believe me, the bottle will last you a LONG time.

Be sure to check out Amazon for better priced Moroccan Oil, but make sure you read the reviews to make sure you are getting the real thing and not a rip off deal.

If you want to see more great reviews on other Moroccan Oil products, view Spontaneous Chick's 5 Moroccan Oil Reviews and make sure you mention I referred you to her page!

If you're interested in more information about Moroccan Oil, check out The Stylista!
Also view Argan Oil.

See you next time,

Hope Jennings

Happy Shopping

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  1. we LOVE this stuff - can't stop using it :)


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