Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lady Gaga Hair Bow



Lady Gaga...a fashion icon...amazing, over-the-top and jaw-dropping wardrobe and hairstyles!

She's pushed the envelope on numerous occasions that have left us shocked, scared, or just plain confused.

One of my favorite hairstyle is the Hair Bow.
A unique, yet different, fun and flirty hairstyle.

I only used 1 ponytail,
but you can use bobby pins if needed.

1. Brush out your hair to make sure you don't have any tangles.
2. Gather your hair into a pony tail at the top of your head.
(The higher the better if you want that dramatic look.)
3. When pulling your hair through the ponytail, 
make sure you leave at least 3-4 inches hanging from the bun.

4. Separate your bun in half

and bring the hair that hung in front of your face
and wrap it to the back and
either, tuck the hair back into the ponytail (like I did)
or secure with a few bobby pins.

(I wrapped the rest of my hair around the base of the bow.)

You can use all of your hair for a big bow
or you can use half of your hair and leave some down at the bottom.

You can also angle your bow to the side of your head
for a fun look

or opt for a lower starting point of the bow
for a more subtle style.

The possibilities are endless with this fun style.

Just be sure to adjust depending on your hair length.
The shorter your hair,
the smaller the bow.

Go conquer this fun style
and be fearless with your hair!
After all, we are little monsters!

See you next time,

Hope Jennings

Happy Shopping!

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