Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chalking How-To

So, apparently the biggest trend right now,
or at least near me, is

So, I tried it out for myself.

So, I made a trip to my local craft store and bought some oil pastel chalk
(be sure it is only "soft pastels").  Brand does not matter, oil pastel chalk is the same everywhere.

I chose to wear some plastic gloves (like the gloves that come with certain hair dye kits),
because some chalk colors can dye your hands while applying it to your hair
(most blogs and professionals don't tell you that).

Just some important information:

If you twist your hair while applying color,
the chalk will release more pigment.

Always brush excess powder (with your fingers)
out of each piece (or it will be on your clothes).

Oil Pastel (pure pigment) + Water = Dye

If you are blonde or have blonde tips, DO NOT wet your hair before chalking.
It WILL stain if you add water to pure pigment and it will create a dye.

Dye will last several washes.
One day color: Don't add water before applying.

You WILL NEED water.

Doubling the pigment will help the colors show in dark hair.
It won't stain darker hair like it will blonde hair.
Mist some water on the twisted hair and apply chalk.

Depends on how light or dark your red hair is,
if you have to add water or not.


Try doing two colors to one strained, looks tie-dyed!

I have found that after you finish applying all the colors your want to your hair,
you can apply some hair spray to secure the hold.

1st...put everything away, remember it gets wet it can dye the counter.
2nd...grab some extra hold hair spray and spray every strained
(I do this step before I color another strained - so much easier).

Before you shower, you MUST brush your hair with a soft brush.
Most color will fade away.

Use double the amount of shampoo you usually use to make sure all the pigment is out of your hair.
Make sure you use conditioner too.
Chalk sucks out most of your natural hair oil that condition can replace.

Hope you enjoyed this how-to!

See you next time,

Hope Jennings

Happy Shopping!

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