Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hi Everyone!

I was stumbling around on the internet yesterday and found some awesome steals.

I am all for low priced make up.  Who isn't?  Affordable make up on even the smallest amount of cash you may have that week.

Since our lovely economy (sarcastic) is a little low at the moment, I don't want the individuals who are struggling to feel left out of the fashion industry.  So, I look for amazing deals that anyone can afford.

I would like to clarify, I am in no way saying that the make up should be cheap.  Yes, quality counts, why do you think there are so many make up brands.

So, I am going to list (as I have said before) the item, where to buy, and the price.

I decided to focus on the eyes for this blog.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil
Electric Blue, $4.50

Because of the jumbo size, it can be used as an eye shadow or eye liner.  That's two for the price of one!

Available in 32 shades.
They are long lasting and a great product.  It perfectly highlights your eyes and goes on super smooth.  This is hard to pass up on.

Almay Intense I-Color Eyeliner
Purple Amethyst, $7

go to: www.almay.com

I enjoy using Almay,
because instead of guessing what color may be right for you,
they already tell you.

Whatever color they have available,
for example, I have hazel eyes, the black pearl eyeliner is for hazel eyes,
goes with my eye color to make my eyes look great.
But, you can buy any color you like.

NYC New York Color Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil
Green, $3.99

This eye catching waterproof eyeliner is amazing.
I have purchased this product more than once and I love it.

It is long lasting and I never have to re-apply during the day.

Available in 7 shades.

(This is less expensive than the first product I mentioned and it's waterproof - 
two big reasons to be thinking cha-ching!

So go check it out!

Avon Glimmerstick Eyeliner
Emerald, $7

Another popular brand.

If you catch this product while it is on sale, you save 43%.
You would only pay $3.99 (on sale).

This product glides on smoothly, it is retractable and long lasting.

ULTA Kohl Eyeliner Pencil
Bronze, $7

go to: www.ulta.com

Available in 13 shades.
This eyeliner blends easy, goes on smoothly and is easy to remove.

This eyeliner provides a bold look that perfectly highlights your eyes.

If $7 is too much for eyeliner, wait for your favorite products to go on sale.  They usually have some amazing deals you don't want to miss!

See you next time,


Happy Shopping!

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